Counseling Myths

It is very common to hesitate about getting into counseling due to misconceptions of therapy. Learning what is correct and debunk what is not. This will make you comfortable in reaching out for counseling.

First of all, the myth is, counseling is only for cray people. The truth to this is that counseling is helpful for everyday issues, which everyone is not exempted to experience. This may include everything any life changes big or small, can bring stress, and it can be very helpful to talk to someone for support.

Next myth is, counseling is only for people that is weak. The truth behind this is that it takes a bunch of courage to admit that someone need help. If you are seeking help it is a sign that you’re a healthy and not weak. It is an indication that you want to control your life and counseling will help you identify your strengths and will provide you helpful information improve on them to help your life be better.

Next on our list is, problems are not that serious to warrant counseling. Truth about this is counseling is a very helpful tool in decision making. If you feel sadness, anxiousness and stress these are serious enough to reach out for counseling. If it is important in your life it is worth for counseling.

Next myth is, my problems are too big for counseling. The truth to this is that counselors will be able to help you through the years of problems. Counseling can help you use past experiences to teach you how it affects you thought and behavior patterns of the present. If you have been traumatized in will not be solve in just one session only it will require months or even years of session.

Last myth is, someone who does not know me cannot help me. The truth about this is that counselors are way better in helping you with your problems than friends and family. Counselors provide objective feedback to you and besides that they trained to recognize human behavior, while those people who are close to you may not.